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The Grill Cheese Bus log

Grilled Cheese as Community Action

  Recipe for change:
1 Part Converted School Bus 1 Part Locally Sourced Ingredients 1 Part Youth Job Training
  What you end up with is a food truck dream, gourmet grilled cheese and social change. The Grilled Cheese Bus is a Triangle Area nonprofit food truck that  is training youth in entrepreneurship, marketing, financial literacy,  and sustainability.  Profits from the bus will be donated back to other community projects. Soon you will be able to track the bus location via Twitter/Facebook making it even easier to  grab yourself sandwich and make a difference in your community.   The Grill Cheese Bus log    

Join our latest class – A nonprofits guide to Facebook, Causes, and the Social Graph

March 3rd - Raleigh, NC

1804 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC 27605

This course offers a conversational approach to moving your nonprofit organization into Facebook and Causes.  We will be covering an array of Facebook/Causes topics specifically for non-profits including:
  • Why Facebook? Why Now? Learn just how big Facebook has become and how it can be leveraged to raise funds, awareness, and launch new events.
  • Difference between the various types of pages. Should you be using personal pages, Organization profile pages, fan pages, groups, etc? What the pages mean and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Accessing your donors/volunteers social graphs. Everyone knows everyone. Leveraging your Donors/Volunteers and events participants to expand your network and find your next top donor.
  • Fundraising with Causes. Setting up your organization to raise funds on Facebook Causes. Using the built in tools to allow you constituents to network fund-raise.
  • Affiliate and 3rd Party Fundraising. Learn why and how affiliate fundraising will be huge for your organization. Give your 3rd parties a platform they can use to raise funds for you directly.
  • Tools to integrating Facebook into your existing fundraising systems. Many of the fundraising systems you currently use can be integrated with Facebook, allowing your participants to actively raise funds and recruit for your organization.
These topics are tied together with not only real world examples, but also the concepts that are at the heart of their success. Tickets are $37.50 and can be purchased at eventbrite Testimonials:
  • I would highly recommend Phoenixfire Solutions' classes for anyone seeking to further understand Facebook and the value it can provide.
  • The content of the class was fantastic! The principles and ideas can be easily implemented to improve our current Facebook strategy!
  • This class was extremely beneficial for our organization. We have known about the importance of social media for a long time and have been using it for awareness and events. However, the seminar gave me an in-depth understanding of how all the pieces fit together. I now feel like I can develop a more effective strategy with social media because I feel confident in my understanding of it.