Design Will Save The World (it really will)

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Design will save the world, it really will. I don’t mean the pretentiousness, or the falling all over ourselves for great kerning, or the my shiny new toy is twice as shiny as any shiny toy before it. I mean true design, thought out, clear, and simple problem solving. The type of design that has […]

Old Match Books

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Went to a few antique shops over the 4th holiday and found a handful of old matchbooks with great design.

Fox ADHD releases new logo for AX COP

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Logo for upcoming Fox ADHD cartoon Axe Cop.

Join us in welcoming new clients

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We are pleased to be working with two new clients: S.T.A.R. Resources, a coaching, training, and business consulting firm. Go Fast Turn Left Race Shop Tours, highly customized race tours.  

One easy step to help your development staff succeed

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Today your development staff will: Update event details on your website Arrange for trash pick up at a breakfast meeting for teams Talk with your mail house about whether they should send a 4×6 or a 5×7 postcard Try to identify a donor database an fundraising platform that works with your antiquated accounting system. Pour over […]

Logo4Good – Winner Announced

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          Update – Habitat Young Professionals of Charlotte logo.   Update – Habitat Young Professionals of Charlotte were selected to get the free logo by your votes.   We are offering a free logo to one of the follwoing non-profit organizations, and you’re going to help us decide. Read a bit about […]

Google+: Importing users from Facebook or Twitter – No Thank You

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I started off the day today downloading all of my data from Facebook with the thought that I would import all my users into Google+ and be ahead of the game. Fortunately the process was slow and cumbersome enough that I had time to think it through and decide for us it wasn’t the correct […]

Logo4Good – Get a free logo design for your Nonprofit

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Back by popular demand, we are happy to announce our 2011 Logo4Good Campaign is here!  At Phoenixfire Solutions, we believe that good design shouldn’t be relegated to for-profit companies only.  Some times all a nonprofit needs is a little help for their idea to come to life.  With this notion in mind, we created our […]

Grilled Cheese as Community Action

Grilled Cheese as Community Action

  Recipe for change: 1 Part Converted School Bus 1 Part Locally Sourced Ingredients 1 Part Youth Job Training   What you end up with is a food truck dream, gourmet grilled cheese and social change. The Grilled Cheese Bus is a Triangle Area nonprofit food truck that  is training youth in entrepreneurship, marketing, financial literacy,  and sustainability.  Profits from the bus […]

Brand for sale – 8.5 million dollars

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  Buckets for the Cure, the new Susan G. Komen/ KFC partnership has 50 cents of every bucket of the Colonel’s best going to the breast cancer organization. To date the program has raised 2.35 million dollars for Cancer research. However the fact that Komen would partner with a fast food chain to raise funds, […]