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Design Will Save The World (it really will)

Design will save the world, it really will.

I don’t mean the pretentiousness, or the falling all over ourselves for great kerning, or the my shiny new toy is twice as shiny as any shiny toy before it. I mean true design, thought out, clear, and simple problem solving. The type of design that has us looking at the solutions in amazement that it hadn’t been solved before. Design will save the world, its just a matter of desire and time.

A Problem of Desire and Time

You see all that is really required to solve any problem, even a problem as massive as saving the world, is desire and time. If you have enough desire, and enough time, all the other pieces will fall into place.  When we think about an issue, let say ending homelessness, you bump up against a myriad of obstacles right off the bat. How to finance it, how to implement it, how to get  the right people involved, etc. However if  you look desire in a broader scale, you can boil it down to an essential concept, willingness to put in the work. So if you are willing to put in the work required to solve the problem, then all obstacles just become a problem of time. Is there enough time, to do all the work?

No, there isn’t enough time. Well let me rephrase that,  there isn’t enough time for you to do it yourself. It takes more time than you or I have available alone. So how do we get more time? By combining efforts towards a common goal. Our time stays small, yet the overall time has increased.

Design Lives Here

Design Lives Here is a collaborative project giving local creatives  the ability to impact Charlotte area nonprofits, and help them towards achieving their missions. Teams will work directly with a Nonprofit leader, and an advisory team, to solve problems impacting that organization. Afterwards the teams will share their designs and case studies with the larger design community, enabling us to use the findings to design more effective programs in the future.

You can find more information about the program, as well as how you can participate at .

Design Lives Here





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