Too often the only difference between a good idea and a great one is proper implementation. At Phoenixfire Solutions, we are laser focused on providing clients with an avenue to see their concepts realized, whether that be bringing a visual piece to life through clear, concise, yet creative design, or helping a campaign or event take life.

The vision of Phoenixfire Solutions is to create, build & maintain engaging campaigns through the design and technology required for those campaigns to succeed by offering superior solutions and customer service to clients of varying size.

John Fuller, President
John is a professional with more than six years experience in design, ten years in IT, seven years in non-profit. Taking his love for all things technological and all things artistic, Phoenixfire Solutions came into being. John’s expertise offers a unique perspective from someone who has been both the client and the vendor. After experiencing years of both the good and bad of outsourcing solutions, John has made it his mission to bridge that gap for companies and non-profits that have fallen prey too many times.

Christine John-Fuller, Consultant
A non-profit executive with more than a decade in the industry, Christine has blended her experience in special events, fundraising and marketing to help lead several national organizations on a local and state level. In these roles, Christine has developed a keen sense of the ever present needs of non-profits and small businesses as it relates to design and marketing. As a consultant for Phoenixfire Solutions, Christine offers a keen eye for the related needs of clients and the best approach the audiences they desire to reach with their messages.